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Neurodiversity’s Hidden Truths

When I posted yesterday about “Neurodiversity’s” attempts to downplay the existence of severely autistic persons I expected, and received, some heated comments although some were civil and on topic enough to post. But none of the comments that I received acknowledged a central reality that the Neurodiversity movement seems ashamed to admit – that there are many autistic persons in the world whoin fact are severely disabled, who are dangerous to themselves and who require 24/7 care and attendance to ensure their safety. I am still waiting for one of the Neurodiversity advocates to admit these truths – but I am not holding my breath while I wait.

The ugly truth is that many in the Neurodiversity movement seem ashamed to acknowledge the existence of severely autistic persons – like my son.

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ASNB President Asks MP’s to Support C-304 Autism Strategy Bill

Peter Mackay, Rob Moore, Greg.Thompson, Mike Allen,
Mark Eyking, Andy Scott, Charles Hubbard

Dear Member of Parliament,

Re: Support for Bill C-304 Autism Strategy Bill

As a mother of an autistic child, I ask you to vote in support of Bill
C-304 when the Bill is subject to a vote in the House of Commons. Bill C-304,
the “National Strategy for the Treatment of Autism Act” is of critical
importance to families with members who suffer from autism. The Centres
for Disease Control in the U.S. just recently reported that the prevalence
rates of Autism Spectrum Disorders have increased to 1 in 150. By any
standard this is a national public health crisis. Yet, not one province offers
the core healthcare treatment for autism under Medicare and there is no
National Autism Strategy to deal with this growing epidemic.

The government has recently made announcements of a National Cancer Strategy, National Heart Health Strategy, National Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Strategy, etc.
Although the federal government announced some autism consultation initiatives
in November 2006 and supported a motion for a National Autism Strategy in
December 2006, these are non-binding and largely symbolic window
dressing. Words are not enough. We need action. Please vote to refer Bill C-304
to the next stage in the approval process and let the Committee examine the
Bill and do its work. Please urge your fellow MPs to support the Bill. Thank

To use the excuse, autism health care falls under provincial
jurisdiction is no more than a cop-out.


Lila Barry, President
Autism Society New Brunswick

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