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One Family, Six Children with Autism, WOW

I have personally met families with more than one child with autism. I have met some with 2 autistic children and some with 3 but SIX! My son Conor is profoundly autistic and, because of his autism, our family life is affected dramatically. Every aspect of daily life including scheduling work activities and vacation have been affected. Conor requires constant 24/7 adult supervision. I can only imagine what life must be like for the Kirton’s of Utah who have been blessed with six children all of whom have an autism disorder. The Kirton’s story is featured on and tells of the many challenges faced by the Kirtons in raising and caring for their six children with autism. John Kirton has had to find new employment after losing a job after missing too much work to tend to home matters. Robin Kirton made an off hand remark out of frustration about buringing down her messy home which landed the Kirtons in family court. The legal process is now winding down but the court proceedings also prompted court ordered assessments for all six children as a result of which it was discovered that two of the six had Asperger’s. The article also talks about “stoppage” which is the name some geneticists give to the phenomenon which occurs when parents stop having children after having a child with autism.

John Kirton with 5 year old daughter Sarah

If the Kirtons are googling their names on the internet, or otherwise happen across this blog, I commend you for facing your challenges with determination and humor and I wish your family ” the very best ” as we say here in Atlantic Canada.,1249,660226195,00.html

June 3, 2007 - Posted by | autism, autism challenges, autism diagnosis, family stress


  1. I used as a search for my name and found many references to Dr. John Kirton in Alberta, CAN. That’s not me, though I did find myself once. However, when I checked on my wife, Robin, BINGO…lots of hits mainly regarding the story of our family you mention here.

    Yes, our daily lives are TOUGH. Each child is very different as they range from moderate Aspergers to Classic Autism. As I mention on our blog: Autism Bites ( something happens EVERY day. And people of the NT world are a lot nicer and understanding if the AS kids wear there t-shirts.

    So hey, jump over to the blog with any questions and I’ll fill you in on our life and times.

    Comment by John Kirton | June 7, 2007 | Reply

  2. The t-shirts are at , mispelled the post above. ; )

    Comment by John Kirton | June 7, 2007 | Reply

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