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Family With ONLY 3 Children With Autism

Unlike the Kirton’s of Utah who have six children, all with an Autism Disorder diagnosis, Randy and Lynn Gaston have ONLY 3 children, triplets, with autism. The Washington Post, in an article by Susan Deford examines the realities of family life for this family with triple the challenges, and impacts on family life, of having a child with autism.

No Group Discount For Autism Care

Now even mundane details of the daily routine are carefully orchestrated, driven by the boys’ need for sameness: identical sheets on their beds, baths in the same order every night, the same kind of pizza from the same kind of box.

The Gastons rarely go out as a couple; it’s difficult to find babysitters. The family has never eaten in a restaurant together, because crowded, unfamiliar environments sometimes make the boys anxious and upset. And the couple never get a full night’s rest. Like many autistic children, the boys don’t sleep well, going to bed at 8 p.m. and often waking for the day between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.

A recent attempt to go to a park came to an abrupt halt when Zachary started yelling in the car. Lynn pulled over and found the reason: Hunter had taken off his shoes and socks, disrupting his brother’s uneasy equilibrium.

The Gastons’ experience, though extreme, is shared by growing numbers of families.

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Autism and NOISE

The Daily American Online of Somerset County PA is carrying a fascinating story of a high functioning autistic gentleman, Barney Vincelette, who was bothered by his neighbor’s loud rock music and the steps he took to reach an accommodation with his neighbors. Many autistic persons, including my son Conor, are very sensitive to noises. There were times when I had to hold Conor on my lap while getting his hair cut. He would be so upset by the noise of shears in the barber shop that he would literally bite into my shoulder. We now pick quiet times when the shop is empty and get his hair cut, with scissors as much as possible, by a lady who is outstanding at working with Conor. Noise from motorcycles is a huge problem for Conor. Many motorbikes are adjusted to increase the sound level emitted and that is a problem for any one in the vicinity. For Conor it is a particularly difficult experience.

Autism renders sickening rock music

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 2:40 AM EDT

Barney Vincelette, who says his autism renders loud noises sickening to him, has been feuding for several years with neighbors in Houston, Del., over their rock music. At first, he invented his own sound-jammer, according to an April profile in the Wilmington News Journal, but a judge curtailed its use. Subsequently, he recorded super-annoying sounds of his own (including a fog horn’s) and had them written out as music (“Sonata for Calliope of Truck Horns About to Be Transcribed for Locomotive Horns Opus No. 1”), at which point the judge decided that permitting the neighbors’ Bon Jovi but not Vincelette’s Sonata amounted to selective law enforcement, and the feuders settled their differences. (Vincelette, by the way, lives in a house shaped like a flying saucer.) [News Journal, 4-15-07]

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