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No Autism Just Fredericton In May

It was a beautiful May day in Fredericton. A perfect day to do a bridge walk, from Westorland Street Bridge, along the Saint John River, across the pedestrian bridge, (former train bridge) through the down town, across the Westmorland Street Bridge and home to Nashwaaksis on the North side of Fredericton. But who let that Blogger into the picture?

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Autism Connections Fredericton Grand Opening Photos

Yesterday was the grand opening of the Connexions Autisme/Autism Connections Fredericton resource center. Premier Shawn Graham and Fredericton MP Andy Scott, along with some young helpers, did the official ribbon cutting as shown in these photos. Also shown is Lana Thomson of Autism Connections Fredericton. The place was packed and the opening lasted for two hours with opportunity to talk with a wide range of people in the Fredericton area interested in autism issues and helping autistic children. The resource centre, as the pictures show, is in the same location, side by side with Service d’Intervention Autisme/Autism Intervention Services the agency run by SLP Danielle Pelletier. Fredericton’s pre-school autistic children will be well served by Autism Intervention Services and Autism Connections efforts. Yours truly is also shown talking with Danielle.

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A Fredericton Autism Father Thanks MP Andy Scott

Brian Rimpilainen is a Fredericton father of an autistic child who has been a hard working advocate on behalf of autistic persons in New Brunswick and Canada. In this letter Brian offers his appreciation to Fredericton MP Andy Scott who steered a private member’s motion through the House of Commons calling for a national autism strategy.

To MP Andy Scott and his staff, I offer my sincere thanks for all the work that has been done to raise the awareness of autism at the federal level.

I was very proud to be in attendance for the second hour of debate for motion 172. I had to wipe my teary eyes as I shared in the frustrations of other parents across Canada. I hope that the Liberal Caucus will continue in support of Andy Scott’s efforts and move the issue forward.

It does indeed look as though there will be a new federal election in the future. I hope that autism will be raised for election debate. While M-172 passed with support from both sides of the House, Bill C-304 (introduced by the MP for Charlottetown) did not. This was a disappointing outcome, considering that all Members now know of the importance and urgency of a national autism strategy.

It is to my understanding that Scott will not be running in the next election. My best wishes to his family and future endeavours.



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Autism Cause Loses a Champion – Andy Scott Will Not Run Again

The cause of autism in Canada is losing a champion.

Andy Scott, Liberal MP representing Fredericton in the House of Commons since 1993, has announced that he will not be running in the federal election expected to be called in the next couple of months. “Andy” as he is referred to by most in Fredericton is amongst the rarest of politicians and people, someone who actually listens, someone who actually cares. He has been notoriously accessible to the citizens of Fredericton, at times literally paying a price in personal safety for being so accessible, but remained readily available. Andy has been a champion for persons with disabilities in Canada. As an experienced and savvy federal politician he authored a private members motion, passed in the House of Commons, calling for a national autism strategy which, although by no means everything necessary to address the extraordinary challenge that autism represents in Canada, did open the door to allow further discussion and development of a national response to Canada’s autism crisis.

Thank you Andy, and the “very best” to you and your family.

Harold Doherty

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Conor Relaxes at the Second Cup

Sunday morning for Conor often means hanging out with Dad and relaxing at the Second Cup in Kings Place, Fredericton. They have always been very kind to Conor – even when he has a melt down or tantrum moment. We usually grab a window table where Conor can watch the cars and buses when he is not examining the many sights inside the Second Cup with its colorful mugs, plants, wall hangings and other decorations. The music is usually very relaxing and Dad gets to have a coffee “fix” while hanging out with my buddy.

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The Blogger Has Been Blogged

Early this week I sat down for a coffee at the Second Cup with well known New Brunswick blogger, political activist and pain in the neck Charles LeBlanc. I arrived early and waited with my camera concealed below the table. As Charles approached I snapped the photo above. The Blogger has been blogged!!!

I met Charles a few years ago through my autism advocacy. Charles was already known as an ADHD activist who brought to public attention the issue of over prescription of Ritalin for New Brunswick school students. He also pitched in on behalf of autism, attending rallies, putting up posters and helping with our Christmas parade float on one cold, wet, windy day in Fredericton. His blogging is often over the top in style and substance and has been known to infuriate some. But Charles also raises issues that the main stream media are reluctant to feature. As CBC reporter Robert Jones pointed out in a segment which aired the night before commencement of Charles’s trial on obstruction of justice charges arising out of the Atlantica conference protest, Charles blog site features pictures of the homeless and disadvantaged and brings their issues to public attention. Friends of mine in government tell me that many politicians and civil servants read Charles’ blog site regularly. In Charles the poor and disadvantaged in New Brunswick have a voice by which they can speak to power and have their issues heard.

Well done Charles. Keep up the good work.

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