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Today’s Autism Debate & Autism Awareness

The debate on Charlottetown MP Shawn Murphy’s private member’s autism motion is scheduled to proceed today. The motion calls, as part of a national autism strategy, for amendments to the Canada Health Act in an effort to ensure availability of autism treatment services across Canada. Yesterday I speculated pessimistically on the outcome of the motion. It is inconceivable to me that the Bloc Quebecois or the Harper Conservatives would allow the motion to pass. Nonetheless Mr. Murphy is doing a great service to autistic persons and their families and caregivers. Each such debate in the House of Commons draws attention to and raises awareness of the realities of autism. Autism is and remains, despite the fantastic accomplishments of some savants and high functioning autistic persons a debilitating disorder which requires well informed, serious efforts to treat, educate and provide residential care for persons with autism.

Thank you Mr. Murphy.

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Bill C-304 to be debate in the House of Commons Wednesday

Charlottetown Liberal MP Shawn Murphy’s private member’s bill will be debated in the House of Commons tomorrow. The bill calls for development of a national autism strategy for autism treatment and amendment of the Canada Health Act to ensure autism treatment availability across Canada. This motion is different from the Scott-Stoffer motion as amended by the Conservative government in that it calls for amendment of the CHA which will almost assuredly doom it to defeat when it comes to a vote. The Bloc Quebecois members will vote against it unanimously because, in the “thinking” of the Bloquistes it is more important to argue about constitutional boundaries then take definitive steps to help children with a debilitating disorder like autism. Most Conservative members will vote the same way for similar reasons. Regardless of the outcome it will be interesting to listen to the debate.

The telecast is 5:30 EST and for those of us fortunate enough to live in the Atlantic time zone 6:30.

Bill C-304 to be debate in the House of Commons Wednesday

OTTAWA – MP Shawn Murphy’s Private Member’s Bill, C-304 An Act to provide for the development of a national strategy for the treatment of autism and to amend the Canada Health Act, will be up for its last hour of debate at second reading in the House of Commons tomorrow at 5:30pm EST (6:30 Atlantic). The debate will be carried live by CPAC.

If passed, C-304 would require the Government to table a national strategy to streamline the availability of treatment for autism spectrum disorder across the country.

Mr. Murphy is available to speak to the Media about his Private Members Bill upon request. Following the debate, transcripts of his speech will also be available.

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