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Wikipedia’s Misleading List of People on the Autism Spectrum

Wikipedia’s credibility has taken a big hit of late. See for example “Facts and friction: Wikipedia’s quest for credibility, By STEPHEN HUTCHEON – SMH | Tuesday, 24 April 2007″

One area that Wikipedia has not cleaned up in its attempts to address it’s credibility issues is a beauty entitled “List of people on the autism spectrum” The list is flat out misleading in that most of the names on the list are high functioning or Aspergers with only 4 entries listed for “people with severe autism”. Of the four names none are non-verbal low intelligence persons. You would never know from this Wikipedia entry that many autistic people have very severe intellectual and communication deficits. Everyone on the Wikipedia list is someone who can communicate extremely well. With one exception. The exception is a dead girl who died by her mother’s hand at the age of 3.

Wikipedia’s Misleading List of People on the Autism Spectrum:

People with unspecified forms of autism

Main article: Pervasive developmental disorder

The following people have been diagnosed as being somewhere on the autistic spectrum but the specific classification is unknown.

* Taylor Crowe, autism advocate and artist [1]
* Christopher Knowles, American poet [2]
* Katherine McCarron, autistic child murdered at the age of three by her mother, Karen McCarron. [3]
* Jason McElwain, high school basketball player [4]
* Michael Moon, adopted son of author Elizabeth Moon [5]
* Abubakar Tariq Nadama [6]
* Jasmine O’Neill, author of Through the Eyes of Aliens [7]
* Sue Rubin, subject of documentary Autism Is a World; Sue Rubin has no oral speech but does communicate with facilitated communication [8]
* Birger Sellin, author from Germany [9]
* Daniel Tammet, British autistic savant, believed to have Asperger Syndrome [10]

[edit] People with Asperger syndrome

Main article: Asperger syndrome

* Nikki Bacharach, daughter of composer Burt Bacharach and actress Angie Dickinson; committed suicide on January 4, 2007 [11]
* William Cottrell, student who was sentenced to eight years in jail for fire-bombing SUV dealerships [12]
* Luke Jackson, author of Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence [13]
* Craig Nicholls, frontman of the Australian garage rock band The Vines [14]
* Gary Numan, British singer and songwriter [15]
* Dawn Prince-Hughes, PhD, primate anthropologist, ethologist, and author of Songs for the Gorilla Nation [16]
* Judy Singer, Australian disability rights activist [17]
* Vernon L. Smith, Nobel Laureate in Economics [18]
* Satoshi Tajiri, creator and designer of Pocket Monsters/Pokémon [19]
* Liane Holliday Willey, author of Pretending to be Normal, Asperger Syndrome in the Family [20]

[edit] People with high-functioning autism

Main article: high-functioning autism

* Michelle Dawson, autism researcher and autism rights activist who has made ethical challenges to Applied Behavior Analysis [21]
* Temple Grandin, a designer of humane food animal handling systems. [22]
* Hikari Oe, Japanese composer [23]
* Bhumi Jensen, Thai prince, grandson of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand; killed by drowning in the tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake [24]
* Dylan Scott Pierce, wildlife illustrator [25]
* Jim Sinclair, autism rights activist [26]
* Donna Williams, Australian author of Nobody Nowhere and Somebody Somewhere; after testing for deafness from infancy until late childhood, and labeled psychotic and ‘disturbed’, Donna was formally diagnosed as autistic in her 20s with an IQ score under 80 (not technically in the HFA range) in spite of achieving a higher education. [27] .
* Stephen Wiltshire, British architectural artist [28]
* Caiseal Mor author of A Blessing and a Curse: Autism and Me; bestselling fantasy fiction author, musician and artist [29]

[edit] Autistic savants

Main article: Autistic savant

* Alonzo Clemons, American clay sculptor [30]
* Tony DeBlois, blind American musician [31]
* Leslie Lemke, blind American musician [32]
* Jonathan Lerman, American artist [33]
* Thristan Mendoza, Filipino marimba prodigy [34]
* Derek Paravicini, blind British musician [35]
* James Henry Pullen, gifted British carpenter [36]
* Matt Savage, U.S. autistic jazz prodigy [37]
* Henriett Seth-F., Hungarian autistic savant, poet, writer and artist [38]

[edit] People with severe autism

* Tito Mukhopadhyay, author, poet and philosopher [39]
* Lucy Blackman, university educated autistic author [40]
* Larry Bissonette , accomplished international autistic artist. [41]
* Amanda Baggs, advocate of rights for autistic people. [42]

People like my son Conor who has severe autism with serious developmental delays and communication deficits are not listed at Wikipedia. There is no mention, even generically, to the many autistic people who live out their adult lives in residential and institutional facilities being cared for by professional caregivers. Wikipedia allows the Neurodiversity Ideologues to mislead the world about the nature of autism with nonsense like this list.

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